How Blogging Inspired Me to go after the Life I Actually Want

Since launching GabarIskuFilan in 2018, I can attest to the profound impact blogging has had on my life. Speaking truth to power is liberating. As a writer, I have been able to connect with people worldwide whose ideas, experiences and values resonate with my own. I’ve written about martyrdom, feminism, politics and solo travel. My blog posts have sparked discussions by challenging and disrupting the ways we think about abuse, women’s liberation and even the hijab. Never did I imagine my life being transformed throughout this entire process. 

Writing is powerful. I would argue it’s the most powerful thing there is. Good writers force us to examine the shameful and hidden parts of ourselves. We unearth the deep-seated fears you have. We are truth-tellers, healers and protesters. I think, to be a good writer, you have to be brave and unapologetic about the conviction in your words. The things I write about are not always light or fun. But they must be said. Nothing is quite as agonizing as being forced to embody silence.

Blogging has inspired me to go after the life I actually want. Without my blog, I wouldn’t have the freedom necessary to unpack such concepts. These concepts have yet to be named. Not in the academic realm or in mainstream feminist movements. I am proud to be a part of a new frontier of feminist writers who invoke the expansion, recognition and honesty required to make feminism more inclusive.

I am excited to see where this blog will take me. I look forward to documenting myself going after the life I’ve always wanted. I’m excited about the trips I have this upcoming year and to share my breakthroughs. Everything I want out of my life is within reach. Ultimately, I am writing to my 17-year old self who never imagined the life I have now to be possible. I am writing to thank her for wanting better for herself. Here’s to living the lives of our own choosing. A life without fear, violence and repression. Because enough is enough.


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