How to Start a Blog

Starting a blog is an exciting endeavor. Blogging has provided me with insight, confidence, and a framework to live the life of my own choosing. It’s important to identify which type of blogging you’re into. Blogging is also challenging because it requires originality, creativity, and courage. Launching a blog is fun! It’s a great way to share ideas, reach a broader audience and embrace one’s voice. Here are some tips that I’ve learned after a year of blogging.

Find your niche

What is your niche? Is it travel, fitness, wellness, fashion or politics? Finding your niche is a crucial part of blogging. Initially, I started GabarIskuFilan as a travel blog, but that’s so 2009. I wanted my blog to be original by envisioning each part of my identity—solo travel, feminism, womanhood, and race. I enjoy knowing my blog is the first and only unapologetically Somali feminist blog to ever exist. I started blogging so that I could envision myself living my truth. My niche encompasses a broader range of topics, issues, and concepts than just an average solo female travel blog.

Writing is a testimony

Writing is a testimony. As someone who’s dreamed of being a writer since age 15, I can honestly say that writing enables my personal testimony to be accessible. Blogging created an outlet that didn’t exist. Writing is a powerful tool in the fight for collective liberation. It provokes conversations and discussions that need to be had. Blogging enables me to share my personal testimony on my own terms. Writing my story has inspired me to speak truth to power against injustice and oppression. I’ve learned so much about myself in the past year and blogging has only amplified my decision to pursue the life I want. I recognize the impact my testimony has on myself and others.

Be original

When I launched GabarIskuFilan, I was cognizant about the exploitative tropes that are associated with Somali womanhood. I avoid the most common ones including “FGM,” “refugee,” and “civil war” because they overlook the more subtle ways we experience violence and oppression. It takes a lot of originality and creativity to introduce a paradigm shift in how we talk about womanhood. Writing about concepts like eldest immigrant daughter guilt was incredibly empowering because it’s never been openly discussed before. I’ve received multiple DM’s from women who tell me that I’ve created words for feelings they couldn’t name.

Blogging is a fun outlet for creatives and a platform to showcase my work. I look forward to the new ideas, concepts and frameworks I will invent with GabarIskuFilan. I have no regrets about taking the plunge and launching my blog. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! You can expect new blog posts every Sunday on GabarIskuFilan!

Would you consider starting a blog?



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