30 Things I have to Accomplish before 30

Here is my 30 before 30 list! I only have two years to complete this undertaking, however, I am determined. Follow me as I pursue my dream life!

  1. Go on safari—this has always been a dream of mine!

  2. Become scuba diving certified⁠⁠⁠—scuba diving has been on my list forever.

  3. Move to a city where I don’t know anyone—I’ve lived in my college town for the past 10 years, so I’m ready for a new beginning! 

  4. Create a directory of Black-owned tourism companies—support Black businesses worldwide!

  5. Go skydiving—did bungee jumping. It’s the next step, naturally. 

  6. Visit the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg⁠—historic and transformative. A must.

  7. Afropunk Johannesburg—I’ve never been to a music festival before lol. 

  8. Trinidad Carnival—2020, here I come!! Who else is going?

  9. Take a cooking class—cooking feels like slavery, but I will try a cooking class just once! 

  10. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu⁠—need to do this hike while I still have good knees lmao. 

  11. Learn a dance where it originated—I want to learn salsa!

  12. Take a pole dancing class—looks like fun!

  13. Say yes to everything for an entire year—this should be interesting. 

  14. Essence Fest in New Orleans—completed July 2019! 

  15. Climb an active volcano⁠—I love thrill! 

  16. Learn how to operate a self-defense weapon (i.e. taser or stun gun)⁠—so important to learn how to defend myself.  

  17. Go on a girls’ trip—as much as I love solo travel, traveling with my friends is an experience I really want to have. 

  18. Adopt a kitty—this is my definition of settling down. 

  19. Visit the first African American museum in the US—looking forward to learning and honoring legacies that have made my life possible. 

  20. Publish a solo female travel guide—solo female travel isn’t scary, and I want to show women how.  

  21. Start a feminist podcast—I would listen to a radical Somali feminist podcast. It’s not like it’s been done before…

  22. Become proficient in Spanish⁠—Excited to return to Latin America and learn!

  23. Go on a street food tour—Mmm.

  24. Complete a writing fellowship—the only career I care about. 

  25. Turn my blog into a brand—I’m already doing this but would love to expand my work’s recognition. 

  26. Hire a photographer for a day—I’m the perfect subject. 

  27. Pay off all of my student loans—let me dream big!

  28. Go on a cross-country road trip—I’ve never been on a road trip! 

  29. Pursue my writing career⁠—I owe it to my 14-year old self. 

  30. Quit my job to travel⁠—no better way to close out a decade.




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