Why I Left Islam

I’m an ex-Muslim. However, I didn’t leave Islam publicly until I had absolute control over my financial, economic, legal and reproductive decision-making power. I needed to be certain I could survive entirely on my own before leaving. I had to quit my job because they knew where I worked. I drove Lyft full-time until I found my current position. I went for three months without health insurance. I packed everything I owned and fled in the middle of the night. This mirrors a domestic violence situation because that’s exactly what it is. Islam personified domestic violence. Similar to an abuser, I obeyed out of fear of violent repercussions, sacrificed power and control and endured privacy violations. I was denied personhood and autonomy. I accepted that who I would marry, my friendship group, my career choices, and my dress would always be controlled and closely monitored. In hindsight, I was fortunate enough to even make it out alive. 

When I expressed my desire to attend college,  I was told I would turn into a feminist, remove my hijab and even leave Islam. I learned that my politics, values, and ethics were incompatible with Islam. How could I even be a feminist and Muslim? How could I sleep at night knowing I am endorsing a religion that dehumanizes and degrades women on a daily basis? Do I not love myself enough? I gave up so much freedom being a Muslim woman. I wasn’t allowed to travel alone, marry a non-Muslim man, move out on my own or exercise any decision-making power. I found myself at 25 enduring a curfew, asking for permission before embarking on an exciting career opportunity and changing into hijab and a skirt after a night out. Will I spend the rest of my life hiding?

Prior to embarking on a solo trip to Colombia and Costa Rica, my mother and grandmother warned me that I shouldn’t be upset if I am raped abroad. Rape should be expected because I am a single woman traveling alone without a mahram. I went in spite of their threats. I also went bungee jumping, paragliding, salsa dancing, and had an island photoshoot off the Caribbean coast. I felt safer abroad in Latin America than in my own home. I grew up hypersexualized as a child. I wore a jilbaab, never left my house and spoke through a screen because my earlobes, ankles, and voice could incite men to sexually assault my person. I’m moved to tears just thinking of the hell I endured. I remained silent because I knew how little worth my female life had. It’s way too easy to buy a gun in the US and honor killing was very much in my purview

My life has just begun. I’m much happier now. I know I have high self-esteem and self-regard. I desire to be free. I am grateful for the privilege of leaving because in 13 countries around the world, leaving Islam is punishable by death. I have nothing to lose but my chains. 

6 thoughts on “Why I Left Islam

  1. ioh21@outlook.com

    I am not sure where to begin. it always bothered me to see the constant religious terror/oppression some of my cousins/niece/aunts endured. whenever I pointed out the injustice in our deen/religion towards woman, I was told “Gaal yar baa tahay” even when I point out, as man, I would be getting away with so much shit, but my cousin puts on Nail Vanish, her parent would come down really hard. or just the absurdity of not touching the dogs. as I child I was afraid of dogs. I was told that they were Horouble/xaraam, but once I figured it was all brainwashing and my fear of dogs went out of the window. now if I see a dog coming my way, I play with them and enjoy their love for humans. now some times, in Family gatherings I try to encourage any of my cousins/niece that they have their fate in their hands, I.e do not be forced to Mary or encourage them to go to university of their choice and a degree of their choice or that not having children is OK or that Habaar is Bulshit or just be themselves and be proud of themselves. your bravery and your experiences are inspiring. I can point to my cousins towards this blog and your work in really librating the shit of Somali woman from Men/Islam.


  2. Childfree

    I’m happy you’re happy.
    I wish you more days of sanity & serenity, luxury & comfort that money offers.
    I love that you are creating a life that you do not have to run away from after leaving islam.
    I like how being childfree gives you so much freedom to pursue what you want & whenever you want to without being tied down by childcare.


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