Gabar Goes Global: I’m going to Trinidad & Tobago!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to GabarIskuFilan—a radical feminist solo female travel blog! 2020 is off to an exciting start! I will be going to Trinidad & Tobago for two weeks in February. Where is Trinidad & Tobago and why am I going? Trinidad & Tobago is a country comprised of two islands near the coast of Venezuela. I’m traveling there to learn about Black liberation in the Caribbean. I will be on a tour for 6 days and solo for 9 days. I’ll be visiting both islands. Everything’s been booked and my costume is almost ready!

I launched this blog to chronicle my solo female travel experiences across the African diaspora. In Colombia, I visited the first city for free Black people in South America. In Trinidad & Tobago, I will be celebrating carnival which commemorates the abolition of slavery on the islands. In Cuba, I’ll be learning about the Afro-Cuban experience. I love traveling to places where I look like a local. Being perceived as a tourist would devastate me.

I was able to support a Black-owned business in Cartagena called Real Cartagena Tours. Alex Rocha is the sweetest man ever! He even picked me up from my hotel in his car and we discussed the Afro-Colombian experience on the way to Rosario Islands. I’m in the process of creating a directory of Black-owned businesses across the diaspora. It’s so important for me to contribute to Black-owned businesses abroad. Stay tuned!

It’s always “DON’T TRAVEL SOLO!” but never “WE NEED A WORLD WITHOUT GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE!” That’s why I don’t take their advice seriously. They would rather tell women to stay home (which is statistically more dangerous) than fight for our right to exist without violence. I could not control the clothes I put onto my own body. I was 20-years old when I went to a movie theater for the first time. I was told my wedding would be paid for but not my education. I am so grateful for the gift of financial independence. I’m still not sure how I did it. Fortunately, I live in a country where it’s illegal to kill ex-Muslims.

I never imagined in a million years that I could ever have this life. 2020 will be a lifechanging year. I’ll be moving across the country, traveling to new places, and exploring a new career field. 2020 will also be the year of so many firsts which I will be documenting on GabarIskuFilan. I am beyond grateful. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on my next blog post! Questions or comments? Leave them below!

Photo credit: @idouglasphoto

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