GabarIskuFilan translates into “a young woman who is enough for herself.” GabarIskuFilan is an unapologetically feminist blog that documents my experiences with immigration, womanhood, and race. I’m the eldest daughter of Somali refugees whose passions include Black liberation, activism, politics, and fashion.

I launched GabarIskuFilan to speak openly about issues the millennial Somali girl faces. I also share my firsthand experiences of solo female travel across the African diaspora. GabarIskuFilan explores how my lived experiences as a Muslim woman affect how I navigate borders, displacement, and anti-Blackness. I write candidly with hopes of inspiring much-needed discussions about feminism, Islam, and intersectionality.

GabarIskuFilan’s ultimate mission is to inspire us to live a life of our own choosing without fear. I believe in speaking truth to power. If you would like to share your feedback, collaborate with me or for any other inquiries, please email me at gabariskufilan92@gmail.com. Follow me on Twitter: @gabariskufilan