GabarIskuFilan translates into “a young woman who is enough for herself.” GabarIskuFilan is the first unapologetically Somali feminist solo female travel blog. I document my experiences with immigration, womanhood, and race from an intersectional approach. I’m the eldest immigrant daughter whose passions include Black liberation, activism, politics, and fashion.

GabarIskuFilan epitomizes a carefree and liberated Somali woman in her element. I launched GabarIskuFilan to speak openly about issues the millennial Somali girl faces. I write about money, travel advice, life lessons, and social issues. I also share my firsthand experiences of solo female travel as I reconnect with the African diaspora. I’ve gone bungee jumping, ziplining, paragliding and even climbed the world’s second largest rock.

GabarIskuFilan documents how my lived experiences as a woman impact my ability to navigate borders, displacement, and anti-Blackness. My writing focuses on praxis by exploring how feminism, liberation, and self-determination are embodied by the Black experience abroad. GabarIskuFilan’s ultimate mission is to inspire every woman to pursue a life of her own choosing. 

As Toni Morrison once said, “The function of freedom is to free someone else.” Follow me on Twitter: @gabariskufilan