Welcome to GabarIskuFilan! GabarIskuFilan translates into “a young woman who is enough for herself.” I am a feminist, community organizer, and solo female traveler. I’m the eldest immigrant daughter whose passions include carnival, activism, politics, and fashion.

GabarIskuFilan is a blog that documents Black liberation from the perspective of a solo female traveler. My research explores the myriad issues Black millennial women from immigrant communities face. I write about economic justice, women’s rights and leaving Islam. I also share my firsthand experiences navigating the African diaspora including Colombia and Trinidad & Tobago.

GabarIskuFilan documents how my lived experiences as a woman impact my ability to navigate borders, displacement, and anti-Blackness. GabarIskuFilan is a blog that explores how feminism, liberation, and self-determination are embodied by the Black experience abroad. GabarIskuFilan’s ultimate mission is to inspire every woman to pursue a life of her own choosing. 

As Toni Morrison once said, “The function of freedom is to free someone else.”